Stunt der Woche (43)

This is 7!

iTonne 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of your junk experience. The best performance and battery life ever in a Tonne. Immersive stereo handles. The brightest, most colorful and most circular iTonne display. Splash and water resistance. And it looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is iTonne 7. This is 7!¹

Tech Specs

Finish: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver (pictured), Testicle, Black, Jet Black

Capacity: 40l

Display: 16.1″ circular (!) Retina HD Display

Splash, Water, Orthography and Dust Resistant: Bam!

Chip: 35l Fusion-Müllsack

Camera: Snappy!

iTonne and the environment: We take a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact. 360°, baby. In other words: The paper packaging is mostly recycled, the completion of our assembly workers’ life cycle is mostly optional.

Watch the keynoteWatch the TV Ads Watch whatever

Dahinter steckt meist ein kluges Opfer.

Hey: Have you read Steve Jobs‘ biography, yet? So inspiring!

¹ Get it, get it? “7” and “heaven”? Also the play on the quasi-sacral character of that thingy? Yes? By the way, how do you like Steve Jobs‘ biography?


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