Platte der Woche (6)


Weekend: The ’81 Demos [Blackest Ever Black]

The unpredictable Blackest Ever Black have dug out and reissued Weekend’s demo from almost a quarter of a century ago. The ’81 Demos is a short but remarkable Mini LP spanning four songs in an aesthetics not a far cry away from contemporary dubby “dream-pop” outfits like Peaking Lights or The Long Lost. It is in fact The Long Lost’s Laura Darlington who comes to mind hearing Alison Statton’s clear and somewhat detached voice on three of the four tracks.

But frankly, to me it’s all about the towering Nostalgia and Blackest Ever Black acknowledge the song’s distinctiveness by printing its lyrics on the front cover. The label folks describe it as “a poignant meditation on the attraction, and the danger, of dwelling on the past”, and Alison Statton’s laconic vocal over a yearning guitar easily evokes the inevitable sensation of both fondness and loss produced by musing on the days of old. Nostalgia is “surely one of the most perfectly elegiac songs committed to tape in the post-punk era”, as the label puts it. And yes, it is an elegy mourning the party called adolescence being finally over – but at the same time it is a call to overcome the past and move on:

“But now that you have escaped from your dependence / Don’t get another dose”


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